Siloed Communities for True Privacy

We make it possible to create communities that harvest no personal data, protect users through pseudonyms, opening up authentic discussions on your interest without any activity tracking and accidental outing.
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Experience the Safety and Security of Siloed Communities

Every day, almost everything you do online is being collected, sold to advertisers, and used to sell you products and services. This information can out you to your family, friends and colleagues.
Facetts isolates you from the algorithms by creating siloed spaces serving as safe harbors – in which users can discuss ideas and grow without compromising their identity – or their integrity.

Create Your Community


Organize your community conversations in Topics and communicate in real time with other members. 'Tag' members to be sure that they receive a notification.


Discuss directly to one or a small group of people with an efficient Private Messaging System. See if a message has been received, read. Recall (unsend) messages if you've been to fast :).


Mobile Only: Native, optimized for unreliable network conditions, offline mode.


Keep it fun with Video loops, Shifumi, GIFs, stickers, and more. Use Rich Messages for advanced interactions (pools, challenges ..). Customize your bubble color.

Manage Your Community

Manage Members

Search for members, view and approve/disapprove pending accounts. Create user trust levels to grant some users more right so that they can help maintain and moderate the community.

Manage Topics

Community administrators can delete or moderate Topics, take actions on reported messages, delete obsolete or offensive contributions, pin importants topics.

Engage Members

Broadcast important messages to all members. Reward active members.


Customize your community theme (colors, background images,..).
Customize user levels names.

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